The Go programming language was created in 2007 at Google. Many projects are created in Golang including Docker, Kubernets, Gogs, InfluxDB and others.

The Go language can be used on various operating systems including Linux systems, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. You can even run it online, from your browser.

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Installing Go

If you have a package manager, you can install it from a repository.

Ubuntu / Debian Linux

Install a set of tools to run Go programs.

apt-get install golang-go

CentOS 7 / Redhat Linux

If you use Redhat or CentOS, you can use yum to install go

yum install golang golang-godoc golang-vet golang-src golang-pkg-linux-amd64 -y

Running go online

You can run golang programs online on the Go Playground.
On that page simply type your code and click run.

Manual install

For other systems, you can run a manual install.

Check version

To check the current version of Golang, you can use the command

[[email protected] ~]# go version